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Product Guide – Business Finance
Your business gains the use of equipment or other items of your choice in exchange for regular payments over an agreed period of time (terms ranging
from 1 to 5 years). When you make the final payment, the equipment is yours. However, only the interest component of these payments is usually tax deductible.

Operating Lease
Financier Purchase's the equipment for you and, in return, you pay the financier a series of rental payments, which are fully tax deductible (if the equipment is used solely for earning assessable income). At the end of the term, the financier can take possession of the equipment and sell it. Usually, they will allow you to purchase the equipment for the residual value of the goods.

Novated Lease
As an employee of a company, you lease a car from a Financier using a Finance Lease. You then sub-lease the car to your employer via an operating lease.
Your employer enters an agreement, which makes it responsible for meeting the payments. The ideal arrangement for those who have the option of receiving a car as part of their salary package.

Chattel mortgage
You get ownership of the goods on delivery and The Financier takes a charge over the goods. Otherwise this product is very similar to an Asset Purchase, although the fee structure is a little more complicated.

Asset Purchase
Asset purchase is simply a contract where the financier allows the purchaser
the right to posess and use any goods in return for regular payments.
Upon final payment the title of the goods transfers to the purchaser.

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